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City Forms

  1. Application for Board, Committee, or other Appointments
  2. Councilman Greene Contact Form

    Contact Councilman Rusty Greene

  3. Councilman Mickens Contact Form

    Contact Councilman Joseph W. Mickens, Sr.

  4. Councilwoman Stewart Contact Form

    Contact Councilwoman Ethel Stewart

  5. Pick it Up! Possum Town Volunteer Registration
  1. Councilman Beard Contact Form

    Contact Councilman Pierre Beard

  2. Councilman Jones Contact Form

    Contact Councilman Stephen Jones

  3. Councilwoman DiCicco Contact Form

    Contact Councilwoman Jacqueline DiCicco

  4. Mayor Contact Form

    Contact Mayor Gaskin

Parks & Recreation

  1. Baseball & Softball Registration 2023

    Thank you for your interest in the 2023 baseball/softball registration with Columbus Recreation Dept. Please keep in mind that in order... More…