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Message from the Mayor

As a City, we’ve been diligent, formed unprecedented partnerships, and engaged in strategic planning and shared vision. As a result, we’ve set Columbus on course to offer a better quality of life for everyone who lives here, works here, and chooses to raise a family here. 

Although there is a  slowing national economy, Columbus continues to flourish, as a City and for posterity, we must make strategic planning across departments a priority and commit to continuous improvements in Columbus’ physical, economic, and social landscape.  

  1. Vision for Columbus
  2. Education

We will strive every day to preserve the past, move forward with strategic initiatives that will ensure a better tomorrow, and maintain the uniqueness of the City as we continue to lay a solid foundation for future generations to come by:

  • Improving and maintaining a quality infrastructure (streets, gas, water & sewer) for current needs and future growth;
  • Creating beautiful residential communities within the City with seamless streetscapes that we can be proud of for years to come;
  • Encouraging and supporting economic development opportunities by attracting high-skilled/high-tech/high-paying industries;
  • Preserving and promoting historic resources and a unique downtown area that is host to thriving businesses while retaining a small town feeling;
  • Pursuing appropriate, sustainable opportunities to grow our population and be a home for young families and retirees while safeguarding a strong sense of small-town values and citizen involvement;
  • Ensuring access to affordable, high quality medical and health care;
  • Developing an adequate and sustainable annual budget that assures uninterrupted delivery of public safety, fire and other quality services to our citizens and by maintaining a sound, stable fiscal reserve to meet unanticipated needs and emergencies.